Are you jealous of brave people, fearlessly moving along the crest of the wave? We have decided to tell you how to join these brave men and chose the most popular places of the globe visited by the lovers of this extreme form of recreation.

Such a different surfing

Surfing – is riding the waves on a board, so don’t confuse it with windsurfing – gliding on the water sailing or kite-surfing when the athlete pulls a special kite, standing on the board.

Only in a distance it seems for the beginner that all the surfers race across the sea in the same way. In fact, they use many techniques and a variety of boards. You are able to conquer the waves on a three-meter long sarfah (longboard), with short, human-size (chambord), kneeling on a special surfboard (nabard), lying on a small light board of rectangular shape (bodyboard) or no boards, wearing fins and special devices for the hand to facilitate sliding on the waves, this is called body-surfing While surfing, you can get injured, bruises, and other unforeseen incidents may occur. In this case it is better to be prepared in advance and buy all the necessary drugs at And then no force majeure will spoil your pleasure.

Where to start

Surfing requires a thorough physical training: you must be able to swim well to be able to cope with waves and a board. Therefore, if the last time you were engaged in sport at physical education classes, at first you should go to the gym and pool.

Training centers are open on all of the major surf resorts. Choosing a school, ask coaches certificates, find out what techniques they use, how many hours per day you will have to train, how many students falls on the instructor and how many days beginners can get on board (usually for the acquisition of initial skills enough weeks). Also you should find out whether the cost of training includes the rent of board and wet suit, as you need to pay for accommodation. Prices depend on the resort, but on average, a six-day course costs about 150 Euro, a couple of hours of private lessons – about 40 Euro

The choice of spot

Get used to it: it is called the place where you can go on the board in the slang of surfers. Of course the most adrenaline and spectacular surfing – skiing in the so-called “pipe”. The wave forms a corridor, where only the brave and experienced surfers can shoot like in the glass tunnel. But this is the aerobatics for beginners – verified spots with small and predictable waves.

Often surfing beckon wild and totally desert the coast, but the ride should be only there, where someone can assist. At the same time you should not choose an overly popular beach: you have to think not about waves, but about how to dodge the boards “colleagues”.

In a strange place, before you go in, learn the bottom topography and the direction of flows, and at the same time ask hazards: submerged rocks, coral reefs – not the best choice for beginners. Maybe in this place it is forbidden to swim because of sharks.

Preparing for the journey

Never disregard to purchase a special insurance, where it is spelled out the risks in surfing. It only costs a few Euro per day. For comparison a day in a foreign clinic costs about a thousand Euro

Should a beginner go to a special shop? First decide on the style of riding on rented equipment, and then pick the right board or even several (different types of waves), think about buying a wet suit

All the decent waves are far away, so even experienced servers often prefer to take board rentals already in place. If you want to ride exclusively on your board, before buying, do not be lazy to find out what the carrier thinks about it: each airline has its rules and fees for carriage of sports equipment.

On the beach

Be sure to use a waterproof sunscreen with a high protection factor: in the water a man is burned a lot faster than on land.

Before entering the water you need a little warm up to prepare muscles and joints to stress: make a few circular movements of the hands, shoulders, feet, perform stretching exercises to repeat the position that you use on the wave.

The surfers don’t use drugs and alcohol. If you have eaten, you should rest for a couple of hours before going to sea.

And finally, respect colleagues: the priority is given to someone who is closer to wave; it is dishonest to catch or jump on someone’s wave.
The Hawaiian legend of surfing. Local natives started to skate on the boards several centuries ago they tried to catch the waves of Mark Twain and Jack London. In Hawaii all year round there is comfortable temperature of water and air – about 25 degrees, but the height of the waves depends on the season. The high and dangerous waves are born in winter on the North shore – there is recover experienced servers. In summer the ocean calms down, but for the beginners it is better to go to the South coast of Oahu. On the spot prices for all services are very humane, but a lot of money will go on a long trip. If you want you can visit the coast of California in Santa Cruz or the Huntington Beach that offer the “classics” of surfing.